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  Daiho (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Factory 39/90 Moo2, Samut Sakorn Industrial Estate, Thonburi-Pakthor Road, Samut Sakorn, Thailand 74000 Tel: (66)034-490-196/7

Founded in 1993 As a joint venture company between Thai and Japanese who have the vision to contribute societies with tasty and quality food.

Company Philosphy
Daiho (Thailand) Co., as a food manufacturer, contributes to the society of all countries, providing more dellicious foods through originally developed technology of food science by the company.

In order to achieve the above company philosophy,
Daiho (Thailand) adheres to the following 6 policies,
  1. Quality
  2. Improvement
  3. Speed
  4. Flexibility
  5. Challenge
  6. Low Cost
Product Introduction
Being familiar with shrimp, Daiho started with shrimp production only. As the company grows, Daiho moves higher in the value added ladder with more varieties of foods including squid, tuna. Salmon, cuttlefish, baby clam, and vegetables. The food are categorized into 5 sections:
  • Fresh Frozen & Marinated products.
  • Cooked & Fried products.
  • Breaded & Powdered products.
  • Specialty products.

Quality Control
Focusing on high quality, Daiho’s quality control covers each step of production process making it possible to meet quality certification standards such as the United States food and Drug Administration (FDA), Europe Union and HACCP.

Social and Enviromental Responsibilities
Daiho recognizes that it is part of the local community. As such, the company is ready and willing to give back to society by supporting various government and local municipal projects. There include donation of funds as well as the provision of information on business guidelines and the export situation.

Fully aware of the importance of environmental preservation, Daiho sets up its factory in the industrial estate where the environmental rules are strict.

The wastewater treatment system of the industrial estate is of higher standard than required by law.